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    Low Light Photography 101

    I thought these fungi photographs I took in the woods the other day were a great example of some low light photography. Mushrooms love those dark, moist little corners and who can blame them.

    So what we’re looking to do here is attain sharp, well lit images with a nice dynamic range that looks good on the histogram with sharp, blur free details, and there are a couple ways to get that result. Here they are in my preferred order:

    • Set your aperture as wide as you can without losing more detail than you’d like
    • Set your shutter speed to the lowest you can without getting motion blur, 1/50second for a 50mm lens, although I like to keep it above 1/60
    • Boost your ISO until you can change the above setting to suit your needs

    It’s really that simple. The other option is to get yourself a tripod so you can use slower shutter speeds, although this can be ineffective with moving subjects.

    Photos by Iain A

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Dave A. Santillanes, Oak Creek Passage


    Dave A. Santillanes, Oak Creek Passage

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